Senior Outing Specials

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Senior Outing


We have created a special program and menu to accommodate your staff and residents so they can enjoy a fantastic “Farm” cooked meal. We invite you to make a reservation of 6 guests or more to visit the White Fence Farm.

Our special menu for your group includes:

• Our World Famous Farm Chicken – Served Family Style.

• One Bottomless Non-Alcoholic Beverage.

• Cottage Cheese, Kidney Bean Salad, Pickled Beets, Cole Slaw and Hot Corn Fritters – All Served Family Style.• Farm made Mashed Potatoes with Chicken Gravy.

• Your choice of Hot Fudge or Strawberry Sundae.

• Price INCLUDES sales tax and Customary Gratuity.

• We’d like to Show Our Appreciation for the Chaperone of the group with One Complimentary Meal. (Offer valid only for groups of 15 or more)

• Excellent Service and Personal Attention to Your Reservation!

White Fence Farm is not only known for its great food, but is also known for the beautiful grounds and atrractions such as:  Americana Barn Gift Shop, Granny’s Old Time Fudge Shop, Live Entertainment, and OK Coral animal petting area.

So all there is to decide is:

• Choose any date that will accommodate your group (Tuesday-Friday)

• Call the restaurant at 303-935-5945 and be sure to mention that you would like to take advantage of our Senior Outing Program.

Choose any date that will accommodate your group (Tuesday through Sunday). Call 303-935-5945 to set up your reservation.

Senior Outing Menu

Senior Outing Dinner

Sales Tax and Customary Gratuity Included